Today, let us discuss about men infertility. Infertility in men is due to the male partner’s inability to impregnate the female and the fertility process in both men and women is quite complex and often infertility is due to a combination of problems in the couple, which prevents conception. It is believed that above 90% of infertility in men is due to low sperm counts and also poor quality of the sperm or a combination of both. Almost one third of sperm abnormality cases have no known causes and it may be caused by one or a combination of reasons such as chronic illness, malnutrition, defects in genes, structural abnormalities as well as factors related to the environment.

Low Sperm Count


If there is partial hindrance along the passages through which sperm must pass it may lessen the sperm count and this hindrance has been found to be contributing factor in more than 60% of low sperm count instances. Low sperm count is a major factor of causing infertility in men and there are a number of biological as well as environmental reasons that lead to low sperm count and these may be abnormalities in producing or the obstruction of the tubes carrying sperm, which helps to lessen sperm levels.

Sertoli cell-only syndrome is a condition in which the sperm producing cells known as Sertoli cells are not found in the male. This may be due to an inborn condition or it may be a consequence of injury, infection, medication, radiation or genetics. There are also other contributory factors of infertility in men such as their age, temporary and lifestyle causes, hereditary factors and environmental assaults, low levels of semen, varicocele, testosterone deficiencies and hypogonadism, auto-antibodies, retrograde ejaculation, infections, other medical conditions, as well as medications.

There are four main areas that can be said to cause infertility in men and these are hypothalamic pituitary disease, testicular disease, post testicular defects and nonclassifiable. The infertility in men is characterized mainly by descriptions of perceivable abnormalities like decreased sperm numbers, movement or egg penetrating as well as capability to cause fusion. To treat infertility in men, a naturopath may propose improving the nutrition of both partners or taking of hot and cold splashes on the genitals to encourage circulation and also avoiding the intake of alcohol and not smoking for some time as well as getting adequate amount of rest.Avoid all this things to boost your sperm count.

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